Hi, my name is David Kolinek
and I’m 25 years old Product Owner currently working at Ataccama

I welcome every challenge with open arms, looking for the next big thing I will have to deal with. Love being in a position where I can make some impact, responsibility doesn't scare me.


Product Owner & Head of Product Design

06/2017 - present

While I'm still leading the design team and responsible for product design, my main role is to focus on product management and to deliver the best data profiling tool there is.

My new role gives me the ability to decide how will the future of Ataccama ONE look like and which approach we decide to take. Together with the product board, we are evaluating our options and opportunities and transforming these decisions into product roadmap.

Lead UX Designer

08/2016 - 05/2017

Developing apps was not good enough for me, I wanted to play a bigger part in specifying what will be implemented so I decided to leave development behind me and started working as a UX designer in Ataccama.

I was hired to design Ataccama ONE data curation platform but since I was the only product designer in the company my role quickly outgrew to a different role. I was also implementing small changes in current products and was mainly responsible for building a team of UX/UI designers that will improve and transform current desktop/web applications into cloud platform with world class UX.

Within a year, we managed to put together a team of 5 designers and redesign all current applications, now focusing only on the Ataccama ONE cloud platform.

Front-end Developer & UI Lead

10/2014 - 07/2016

I wanted to focus more on front-end development and to gain experience from a big company. My role in product development was to lead UI development in all products and to hire and mentor other developers.

Later on, we introduced shared UI library for all products used while unifying our products into Sociabakers Suite.


07/2007 - 10/2014

Don't be mistaken by that fancy logo, mivumedia was a company I founded while I was working as a freelancer. It was a one man show basically, I created web pages and web applications for small businesses.

Did everything myself at the beginning, then I started with outsourcing back-end development a graphic design to my friends, leaving me with product specification with a customer, UX and front-end development.


David Kolinek

Wanna go grab a coffee and talk about
what we are building at Ataccama? Feel free to contact me.