Hi, my name is David Kolinek
and I’m 26 years old Product Owner currently working at Ataccama

I welcome every challenge with open arms, looking for the next big thing I will have to deal with. Love being in a position where I can make a difference, responsibility doesn't scare me.


Product Owner

06/2017 - present

After a year of cooperation with product owners on implementing design-driven development, I became a product owner of Ataccama ONE platform, focusing on metadata management.

Role of a Product Owner is quite broad in Ataccama so we are covering both PO and PM roles. As a Product Manager, I'm communicating with existing clients and new prospects, discussing their use cases and also doing product demos. I also have a lot of briefings and discussions with Gartner analysts in order to discuss the current state of the market and about our product offering. I attend (not only) Gartner conference and occasionally have a public talk about data/metadata management.

My biggest responsibility is the strategic planning of Ataccama ONE platform. Together with the product team, we are defining the next steps and also the long-term vision for the platform. Part of this responsibility is an internal communication of these plans into the whole company, spreading the knowledge about where we are headed.

As a Product Owner, my role is to communicate the plan to the development team and to make sure that everything is working smoothly. I prepare user stories, work closely with the design team and with developers and agile coaches during the implementation.

Head of Product Design

03/2017 - 10/2018

As the company was growing I was responsible for building an in-house design team. We ended up with a team of 6 product designers. My role was to mentor colleagues, manage the team and oversee the quality of the platform design.

Over time, I slowly stopped designing and focused more and more on supporting the whole team and also on product ownership of the platform, something I was very interested in and quickly realized I might begin a new chapter quite soon.

Product Designer

08/2016 - 03/2017

After working closely with the design team in Socialbakers I realized I like design even more than the implementation so I decided to move to the next step in my career.

Ataccama was at the beginning of a new era. They have been developing Eclipse-based application used by experience technical users but there was a high demand for a self-service solution used by business users. My role was to build the interface of a cloud collaborative data management platform used by business users while keeping the complexity from desktop applications.

Internal selling of design-driven development was one of the first things I had to do since Ataccama had no previous experience with designers being part of the development, I was the first in-house Product Designer. This meant tight cooperation with Product owners in order to deliver the best user experience possible, the product specification was heavily affected by the newly established design process.

Front-end Developer & UI Lead

10/2014 - 07/2016

For the first 5 months, I've been part of the Product department working on microsites for the Engage conferences and Socialbakers.com website.

From there I moved into the Development department. My main responsibility was driving the front-end development of all our applications (Analytics, Builder, Dashboard). I was working closely with other developers and the design team on a unification of applications UI. Every product had a different UX designer, development team, style guide etc. so there was a strong push to unify it.

We ended up creating a shared UI library and implementing it into all products. This significantly helped us while implementing Socialbakers Suite platform introduced a few months later. This platform contained all Socialbakers products so unified UI was required.


07/2007 - 10/2014

Don't be confused by that fancy name, mivumedia was a small company I started a long time ago during my freelancing phase.

In the beginning, I did everything myself, from product specification with the customer to the final implementation. Later on, I started to outsource backend development to a friend of mine and also UI design to another friend.

This left me with communication with the customer (customer demands, product specification), designing wireframes for the best user experience and also front-end development.


David Kolinek

Wanna go grab a cup of coffee and talk about
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